Getting our Groove Back on Planet Earth!

We are the YOU Generation about YOU GENERATION politics—i.e. no politics!

That makes us Born to Love Not Kill!

Whether we’re grand (ma or pa), boomer, x, y, z generations or just new babies waiting to be born, we’ve got a new groove, and that’s born to Love not Kill!

We see all Life as simply One—rocks, plants, animals, trees, sky, oceans, earth, planet, human beings, near and far, we’re simply One life—breathing for the other, living for the other, caring for the other.

We want to make Love our new spirit on the Earth to uplift ALL to our greatest heights and delights. We want our Human spirit to lead the way for new progress on Planet Earth where we’re harming none and helping All.

We want to join the Federation of Peaceful Planets of our great and wondrous Universe and for that we want to make a new kind of UN—a Spiritual UN—a UN of our spirit that sees all Life as One!

We are One for all, and All for one—united in our Love for all Life on this beautiful blue orb.

Let’s get our groove back on Planet Earth—uplifted and free—living together, learning together, breathing together and letting all be, naturally.

Send out the message to get our groove back on Planet Earth and help build The Spiritual UN—one bumper sticker at a time, one brick at a time.

No war, no politics, just Love—no rules, just right!


Please allow 12 -14 days for delivery.

Thank YOU for your contribution for a new and better world—gentler and kinder because Love is the only way.
Love Unites with Rights